February 22, 2016

Mileage and Per Diem have been released

February 22, 2016
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Great news! Couple of minutes ago we have released new types of expenses - mileage and per diem. So, from now admin of any company can easily create, manage and configure rates policy for business trips performed by employees of their company.

Let’s take quick preview on how it works. A mileage example: Mileage example Mileage example

So, as shown in the demonstration, to use mileage you need to go to the company page and select expense types that can be reported as mileage. It can be “Taxi” or “Driving” or something else, depends on your company needs. Mileage category setup Mileage category setup

You also need to specify how much you are going to pay per mile. The best source of this information is IRC Standard Mileage Rates for Business, Medical and Moving. But you can setup any amount that suits your business purpose. Every mileage policy has a start date, so you can easily revise it weekly / monthly / annually / etc. Mileage form Mileage form

After everything has been configured an employee can go to expense creation page, open “Mileage” tab and enter mileages amount, the price will be automatically calculated based on the current active mileage rate. Mileage expense Mileage expense

Per diem rates work basically the same way. Let’s take a quick preview: Per Diem example Per Diem example

You can create different per diem rates for different purposes and setup reimbursement amount per day / hour. Per Diem form Per Diem form

After it an additional becomes available on expense creation page - “Per Diem”, so employees can select which rate they want to apply and how many days / hours should be reimbursed. The amount will be calculated automatically based on this parameters: Per Diem expense Per Diem expense

That’s it! Easy as it should be. More changes are coming, so stay in touch and see you on ZipExpenses.com.