March 16, 2017

Analytics out of the box

March 16, 2017
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Is automatization of expenses reporting necessary step for your business? Nope. Obviously , your business is probably working fine now without such a tool, right? But in the long run you expect your business to expand. More employees, more email threads and spreadsheets, more taxi rides, more hotel books, more airplane flights, more expenses.

You can definitely wait until the moment when all this tasks become hard to manage, speaking from experience it’s highly advisable to organize expense reporting from early days of your business instead of making it on the fly when you already have reports with thousands of dollars of expenses every week. That’s why we charge our clients based on how many users they have - it allows us to let price grow with your needs. But what else can we offer?

One of the most important things for us from the start of ZipExpenses wa that we decided to build a tool that gives you full control on what’s happening in your company. It does not matter if you have ten employees or a hundred of thousands it should be easy to see where your money is going and forwhat reason. That’s why our analytics now is available for any corporate account out of the box. So, what can be done with it?

First of all, you can see basic money flow for some period of time. How much your company spent for a period in summary? What was the average expense? And what about median? Take a look from bird’s eye view to decide if everything is in track or not.

Analytics by expenses Analytics by expenses

Do you need more details for concrete employees? Let’s say someone spent too much last month and you want to know why? Are you looking for some optimization opportunity? Here you are! Take a look on detailed statistics report grouped by users. It’s awesome!

Analytics in action Analytics in action

You also can group expenses by categories to see which aspects of your business uses more resources than the other. Sometimes it’s very interesting to see how much you spend using such uncategorized group as “General”.

Analytics by categories Analytics by categories

We just released this part of the system. Hope, you like it. If not give us a feedback, please! Our next step is to build much more helpful charts, samples and tools for you. So, stay tuned! Do you have some ideas about what should be put into priority? Do you have some urgent needs? Join us on or just drop a line on