May 29, 2017

Email your receipts

May 29, 2017
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Sometimes you have no access to your regular tools. You can’t report expense using web or mobile application. Maybe because of pure internet connection or because you are away from keyboard. And you would like to ask how we can help you in such complicated case? No problem! Apply this short instruction that contains only three steps and email your receipts directly to ZipExpenses.

Open your profile page and switch “Do you want to attach e-mail addresses for sending receipts?” to enabled state. Specify your possible emails:

Incoming email configuration on profile page Incoming email configuration on profile page

You will receive following notification to specified email address, just click “Confirm email”:

Incoming email confirmation page Incoming email confirmation page

That’s it. You’ll be notified that your email has been successfully confirmed and now you can send receipts from this email to address

By the way, we also have integrations with Telegram Messenger. You can find small demonstration in this video. And support Facebook Messenger is upcoming. Using this feature it’s possible to send receipts not only through emails but as message to our bots too.

Now you are ready to report expenses even if you have no direct access to your account. Have fun!